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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Prism of Knowing

Some people see the world through rose colored glasses. I can be one of those people. It was a more common occurence when I was younger. Age does indeed make us more cynical. And less rosy, I guess.

For the time that our son has been in the Army, we have robustly accepted each of his assignments. When the sitting around and waiting for a new training period to begin wore his patience thin, we were encouraging and tried to make light about his predicament ("yes, it's called hurry up and wait, son.") We cheered his successes with gusto and volume. When there were awards and ceremonies, at least one of us was always there to cheer, clap, slap him on the back. He's our son. We're very proud. It is his chosen work and we're ok with that.

Then his unit got the orders we knew would come but had dreaded nonetheless. The world changed. Perhaps the world has not changed... just the way we see it.
He began to plan. What to do with his car. His motorcycle. His mail. Notifications to phone companies, insurance companies. Papers to complete.
Our shopping trips are now replete with stops to check out the selection of travel size toiletries because he will need them. Prices of batteries and his favorite candies are compared because we will be sending them. What camera to buy him for Christmas was done in consultation with soldiers who had already been there. A stop at a local shoe store included a request to save boxes for us so that we will have them for care packages.
We see the world through the prism of knowing.


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