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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A Company of Soldiers

The film A COMPANY OF SOLDIERS was broadcast this evening (February 22) on PBS. It is the soldiers' story of fighting in Iraq - a month in the life of the 1st Battalion of the 8th Cavalry stationed in South Baghdad. It was shot last November during one of the most dangerous times for that unit. I saw this program this evening. It was horrific. It was graphic. It was wonderful and is a MUST SEE.

A COMPANY OF SOLDIERS was made by October Films under the umbrella of the PBS Frontline Series (so look for that program name in your cable or satellite service directory.) A word of warning: the film graphically shows the risks and consequences of what it is to fight in Iraq - so you might be in for a shock. Unfortunately, the "powers" that be at PBS (not Frontline) sanitized the language... which is kind of moronic-ironic because they show dead bodies and dead animals and wounded soldiers -- but cut out the curse words??? Yeah -- that made sense... idiots. Oh golly gosh dang nab it I think those guys are shooting at us! Idiots.

A Pentagon staffer who saw A Company of Soldiers before its broadcast said, "It is compelling stuff. It proves once again that it is our Soldiers who are our best spokespeople. It is not only courageous filmmaking (both figuratively and literally), but it's also an example of very insightful filmmaking. The film captures our Soldiers' humanity, putting a human face on a very complex set of issues - that is priceless stuff." More details can be found at
The program is being re-broadcast over the next few days and weeks and I urge you to take the time to track down the date and time of a showing and see this piece. It certainly is an eye-opener. Please pass this on to everyone in your notebook and your email list.
I now know what my son's job entails (he's a driver in a headquarters platoon like the one profiled in the program). I will have nightmares for sure, but I am prouder than ever of him and his fellow soldiers... doing a difficult job under the worst possible conditions but with a steadfast, moral commitment to the mission.


At 2/23/2005 5:53 AM , Blogger BARBARA BLACKMON said...

I sat there and watched this with sadness, fear but most of all HONOR. I left my tv with tears in my eyes, but with PRIDE and Prayer in my heart for these young men and their families.

At 2/23/2005 11:21 PM , Blogger Dannette said...

Did not see the broadcast, don't know if I want to. We have a military channel on Dish which was added recently, some programs are just too close to home.

Watched a news spot the other day on a Marine recruit who drowned in basic training. Showed him being shoved and yelled at by the Drill Sgt. prior to his death.

As I watched him being yelled at and shoved I reasoned that the D.S.'s job is to make him tough and to ensure he is properly trained and prepared for combat. This particular recruit did not know how to swim and was being taught at basic.

But as a Mom my heart broke at the way he was being treated. Did anyone see the news clip I am referring to? Other facts; Kid was only eighteen. Mid-way through training decided this was not for him and wanted out, conveyed to his parents. Parents are heart broken, never wanted him to join. What is your reaction? Off-topic to this post I realize but just curious? How as Military Moms do you deal with this?

Sent a reply to your e-mail Soldier's Mom. Keep your spirits up! You have every right to be proud of your Soldier!

P.S. Mine is flying in to the States on 05 March! I am over the Moon!


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