Monday, January 09, 2006

Another homecoming picture (one of the first of 3ID to arrive just after Christmas....

And there are lots of wives and Moms waiting today at Fort Benning... and as if waiting weren't hard enough, there have been flight delays -- rain (of all things!) in the Middle East... and we heard snow in Ireland?? So it just adds to the anticipation... To give you a closer look, there are times when we are following almost minute by minute on the (private) 3ID message Board... and it's like this EVERY DAY...
all the flights are delayed girls...please call rearD before you go down to the airfield

Ashley said their's was delayed about an hour...

one at 5:20pm and the next about 8pm I believe

Ashley got her call ARRIVING TODAY!!! between 4 and 5pm!!!! yippppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Mama: ladies they're almost there !!!!! just got a text message from Ashley... still waiting she says HURRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY......

Mama: I'm trying to spin that clock as fast as I can !!!!! hours....only hours...

Mama: Ashley watch WTVM...tonight... they interviewed her.... and she is still waiting.... minutes... only minutes..

Mama: 5 mins she says !!!! that is only 300 seconds !

Army3IDMom: oh my gosh .. I'm afraid to leave the computer... SO EXCITING .... (breathe... breathe...)

and there are still 2 flights scheduled to arrive yet today... It really is wonderful!! I'm getting such a kick out of the young married couples... and it's so joyful to hear the stories of how excited the kids are to see their Dads... Redeployment! Don'y ya just love it???

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At 1/10/2006 4:59 AM , Blogger devildog6771 said...

I am so very happy for you all. Now you all just love those soldiers and get reaquainted. Thank you for all you have sacrificed. God Bless.

At 1/10/2006 6:13 AM , Blogger Melinda said...

So exciting as these long deployments are finally coming to and end. I was reading the Army Times last night, looking at that big old map and the literally THOUSANDS of soldiers headed that way. Good to see!!

At 1/10/2006 6:38 AM , Blogger barb pfister said...

These are so great to see. Hopefully there will be more and more homecomings.


At 1/10/2006 7:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember how excited we were when we finally got the call from our son when he was finally in the contintental US letting us know it was just a matter of a few hours before he would be landing in Hawaii...then that he was just a bus ride away...then just a few minutes away...there we were watching the live video in the hanger waiting...waiting...then seeing him get off the bus and knowing that just a few minutes more and they would all be marching in....I'm so happy for all of you! We are so proud of all our service men. Thank you for all your wonderful posts letting us share in all your adventures.
Laura Mom of 3 Serving our Nation

At 1/10/2006 9:37 AM , Blogger David M said...

I'm so happy to hear that all of your loved ones are coming home!

You have done them and us a great service with this blog. Thank you!


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