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Friday, April 11, 2008

Let's "Surge" Some More

Michael Yon has an OpEd in the Wall Street Journal today... Michael -- by his own admission -- is probably the most embedded journalist in Iraq AND (my opinion) the most unbiased, independent journalist who has told us everything we ever wanted -- or didn't want -- to know about the war being waged. It is an absolute MUST READ if you REALLY want to know.

I found the piece enlightening, encouraging and vindicating for those of us who have tried to keep the focus on what was happening there, the good being done, and keeping the eye on the prize of Democracy in Iraq. This one passage actually brought tears to my eyes:

Iraqis came to respect American soldiers as warriors who would protect them from terror gangs. But Iraqis also discovered that these great warriors are even happier helping rebuild a clinic, school or a neighborhood. They learned that the American soldier is not only the most dangerous enemy in the world, but one of the best friends a neighborhood can have.

If you opt to not read Michael Yon's message, consider yourself a victim of Bush derangement syndrome because you are clearly not interested in the truth. Thank you, Michael and Welcome Home!!

And if you haven't ordered a copy of Michael Yon's new book "Moment of Truth in Iraq" (due in stores April 23), go HERE (there are some autographed copies still available -- I just received mine yesterday and it's the weekend read.


At 4/12/2008 3:39 AM , Blogger Stacy said...

Mine came in on Thursday as well and I started mine last night. Did not want to put it down.

At 4/14/2008 7:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In between bank accounts, but hope to get when get things established. $ tight now, the way things r 4 many here in the USA.
Anway, LOVE the quote above! That is what it is all about...
Keep Posting, fyi you R really making me feel better, I am NOT alone.
God Bless you and yours,
Some Other Soldier's Mom


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