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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dear CNN: That's NOT What He Said (Again)

You need to read Greyhawk's coverage of a blatant distortion of the truth that CNN and now other news organizations are spreading.

The TRUTH: The soldier said he clearly heard Hasan shout, "Allah Akbar" when he began firing last week at Ft Hood... the adrenaline made the soldier forget he was SHOT -- it did NOT make him forget what Hasan said.

To you at CNN: you are either the world's worst reporters of news (ok, that's true) OR you blatantly rewrote the Private's interview because you didn't want to hear what he said (yeah, I get that you do that, too). Maybe it's both. And neither of those is speculation.

Please go over and read... HERE. And tell your friends... and family... and tell them to tell their friends and family... Do not let CNN excuse or canonize the TERRORIST MURDERER who killed American citizens... American soldiers.

And I urge you to read the story of the U.S. Naval Academy Midshipmen who were "punished" for being male and white... no matter that they worked harder and longer than many others to make the Naval Academy Color Guard... but were yanked and replaced before their appearance at the World Series for a more "diverse" looking color guard... even though those others selected may have been less qualified. Srsly. If it shouldn't be about color (as so many tell me), THEN IT SHOULD NOT BE ABOUT ANYONE'S COLOR!!

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At 11/14/2009 4:56 AM , Blogger Mary said...

For some reason you can discriminate against Christians, whites, and men but that doesn't count. On the Fort Hood shooting I can't understand why they aren't calling a terrorist a terrorist, but instead a victim. He is no more a victim then the 911 terrorist.


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