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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Milblog Conference: FReeper Envy

For as long as the people from Free Republic have been active, I have envied their opportunity to stand on the corners at Walter Reed Army Medical Center countering the despicable individuals from Code Pink that [allegedly] protest against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan by protesting against injured soldiers under the guise of supporting them. They haven’t fooled the soldiers and they haven’t fooled us. You cannot say that you support our soldiers -- injured or not -- and stand in protest at the medical center where they are treated. They are not fooling anyone. Not even themselves. I digress.
At the top of my list when I agreed to be on a panel at the Milblogging Conference was the chance to stand on one or more corners at Walter Reed in support of our soldiers, their sacrifices and in opposition to the moonbats that comprise Code Pink. Going to WR was more than I ever could have imagined.
My husband and I worked at the conference center on Friday afternoon with Greta and Silke (HooahWife), Melinda (Most Certainly Not), and the spectacular Andi (Andi’s World) assembling name badges and packing the “goody bags” the attendees would receive at the Saturday conference. The husband and I met up around 6:00PM with Stacy (Keep My Soldier Safe) and her friends Carol and Mel and we hopped into a (very crowded) cab for the trip to WRAMC.

Me & Stacy

WRAMC is a huge complex of buildings that house medical and surgical services for our military. Our cabbie drove around three sides of the complex before we spied the FReepers. We popped out of the cab, introduced ourselves to FReepers Bill and GunnNutt, and immediately began choosing our signs. Not long after we arrived, a group of young men approached from inside the WR gate and began hootin’ and hollerin’ at us. One of the FReepers mentioned that it was a group of wounded soldiers; Stacy immediately went to the intersection and began waving and hollerin’ back at the guys.

The FReepers introduced us to these regulars and immediately we were all exchanging big bear hugs. I couldn’t squeeze these young men enough -- and judging by the strength of the hugs back, they were just as happy to be getting MOM HUGS as Stacy and I were to give them! I couldn't help but recall when I first saw Noah at Landstuhl Army Medical Center last August and how much I wanted to (but couldn't) hug him just as hard; I made up for it with these guys. Stacy and I both teared up pretty good when talking with the soldiers and they seemed delighted that the moms of other soldiers were there to show their support. There was a lot of hugging and picture taking going on! And, of course, the “guys” decided to go down the block where the Pinkos were and engage them -- so Stacy and I did the “Mom thing” as we called after them, “Now don’t go getting’ into no trouble down there… Don’t make us come down there to get ya!” with great glee, I might add.

Our Heroes & the MOAB: Mother Of All Banners

It was especially difficult for me not to become emotional when seeing the shrapnel scar across the forehead of one soldier, the clearly visible scars of another where the injury to his eye area had been repaired although they could not save his eye. It was difficult not to notice the limp or the grimace on another soldier. It was also elating to have people in cars going by honking and waving in support. It was great to have a number of other milbloggers join us -- Maryann (Soldiers Angels - Germany), Toni (Bear Creek Ledger), Agnieszka (a most amazing supporter of troops!), Heidi (EuphoricReality), among others. Even when it began to pour rain and the temperature dropped 10 degrees in 10 minutes, we stayed for the guys. They are wonderful. They are heroes.

It was an experience I will always remember, always treasure. I hope to repeat it -- unless the Pinkos go away and it’s not needed anymore. (We can only hope!)


At 4/27/2006 6:05 PM , Blogger Stacy said...

Those hugs were great. That was the highlight of my trip. Marcus has just ask me "What did you do stop traffic?" Why HELL yes I did I replied. He says I am crazy, and I could have gotten run over. I assured him that those soldiers would have kicked some butt if someone would have run over he. He said that he knew when I left the country and went to the big city that I would not know how to act. LOL...

He says that you and I are two peas in a pod. Yes we were and loved every single minute of it. Make sure you go to Lynn's site to see more pictures of us at Walter Reed.

Thanks again for the visit. We will have to get together again.

At 4/27/2006 8:01 PM , Blogger StoicMom said...

Awe. I am so jealous. It sounds like y'all had a great time. Doncha just love those pinko commies..."we support the soldiers but not the war"...sort of like a guy telling his girlfriend "well, yeah, I support your pregnancy, but not the baby."


At 4/28/2006 3:31 AM , Blogger proud fan said...


At 4/28/2006 5:01 PM , Blogger BostonMaggie said...

I am so envious of your Walter Reed time. I tried to get out there from my hotel near Fran O'Brien's and no cabs were willing to take me. The doorman explained that cabs don't like getting stuck in the traffic....Friday night, rain, etc. Next time I will be better prepared.
I enjoyed listening to you at the conference both your panel and your remarks ("The Navy guy I sleep with.....", lol - you startled Hunt with that one!)

At 4/30/2006 9:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for being there!! And hugging on those soldiers! Couldn't ask for better antidotes to the pink nasties!

At 5/10/2006 7:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Going to WR was awesome, but unfortunately I didn't get there until later, and I didn't get to meet and greet everybody, just the few die-hards who were left :)


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