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Sunday, October 14, 2007

This Story Shall the Good Man [Always] Teach His Son

Traveling... in Colorado... Noah & M are traveling, too... they're in Tucson visiting one of her sisters... and remembering the anniversary of this horrible day.

I noticed it last year while at Fort Benning and Noah and his buddies would say, "It's a year today that Sgt. Benford was killed..." and "It's a year today that Matt Bohling was killed..." They all know the dates... they cannot forget. It's the same way Niles Harris remembers the 8th of November 1965 and the way Matt remembers 26 May 2003... No, they cannot forget -- nor would they want to... nor should they.. nor should we. When we forget those who died for us and for our country, we dishonor them and their sacrifice. The rest of the world remembers on Veterans Day or Memorial Day... and that's appropriate. So long as they remember. Families remember every day... but there is also a Band of Brothers that will never forget.

Tomorrow Noah is visiting the grave of his good friend Tommy Byrd. Tommy went to war with Noah... and, as they promised each other, Noah brought Tommy home. And we were there when Tommy was laid to rest.

Tomorrow, Tommy will meet Noah's wife... not the way they would have wanted to meet. Tomorrow Noah will tell his friend Tommy that Noah's first born son will carry Tommy's name and that the new Tommy will be a declaration and and affirmation that Tommy Byrd's sacrifice was not in vain and that it -- and he -- will always be remembered... and in the telling and retelling of Tommy's story, so will be told the stories of SPC Jeffrey W. Corban, SPC Richard A. Hardy, SPC Timothy D. Watkins and SSG Vincent E. Summers.

I'm glad M will be there with Noah... she'll do a great job of helping him through... it will be hard... but it is important that we remember.

I will still be here,

As long as you hold me in your memory

Remember, when your dreams have ended,

Time can be transcended,

Just remember me

I am the one star that keeps burning so brightly,

It is the last light to fade into the rising sun

I'm with you,

Whenever you tell My story,

For I am all I've done

Remember, I will still be here,

As long as you hold me, in your memory,

Remember me

I am that one voice, in the cold wind,

That whispers,

And if you listen, you'll hear me call across the sky

As long as, I still can reach out, and touch you,

Then I will never die

Remember, I'll never leave you,

If you will only

Remember me

Remember me...

Remember, I will still be here,

As long as you hold me,

In your memory


When your dreams have ended,

Time can be transcended,

I live forever,

Remember me

Remember me,

Remember... me...


At 10/15/2007 4:50 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers for Noah on this journey. I'm typing through tears.
Thank you again for sharing, we cannot forget these brave young men and women.
Cathy B

At 10/15/2007 8:28 AM , Blogger David M said...

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