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Monday, August 11, 2008

BlogGramma ?? and the Olympics

Well, I am a BlogMom to some... but do you think I'm the first BlogGramma? We had dinner the other night with Doc and his son... Wonderful meal and company -- great to see Sean again and to finally meet the amazing Collin (what a GREAT "kid"!!) And, yes, we have a lot of those sunsets here...

And other than that, I have become an Olympic potato -- AGAIN. Every time the Olympics are on (winter or summer), I swear I'm not watching... and then I do. All day sometimes... into the night... sometimes on two channels at once. Sad. And sometimes I cheer like I'm actually there. It's on my list of "I'd like to..." -- next time they are in a civilized country.

I think it comes from the fact that I just missed the age when girls and women were allowed to compete in sports... any sports... let alone encouraged to participate and compete. Most of my sisters and I were very good athletes -- softball... volleyball... swimming... one sister was awesome in track and field (I hated track and field)... but except for the youngest sister (a truly gifted athlete and scholar who was the first class to benefit from Title IX), we were not allowed to compete against other women except in "tournaments". In Illinois where I grew up in the early/mid-'60s, it was illegal for women's teams to compete -- and if you got caught competing in "illegal" (non-sanctioned) events, the boys' teams were deemed ineligible... tough in a town where the boys' teams usually took state titles in basketball and baseball every year. Yeah. A generation too soon... on the other hand, we had the best music those years...



At 8/12/2008 9:49 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

And of course I had a great time seeing you too. This has been a great trip and for once I'm actually coming out ahead on vacation too!


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