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Monday, May 18, 2009

National Memorial Day Parade

There was a time in our history when parades were an opportunity to honor and celebrate something. Grandparents, children and grandchildren sat on the curbs in every town across America and waved their flags, saluted and cheered -- especially on our patriotic holidays -- Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day. Sadly -- very sadly -- that had not been the case for a number of years... especially the part about celebrating our military and our veterans... although I can safely say that is not the case in our town -- which openly, notoriously and without shame salutes, celebrates and thanks America's Heroes every chance it gets!!

This year I am spreading the word about The National Memorial Day Parade which will take place on Monday, May 25, 2009 at 2:00PM on Constitution Avenue between 7th and 17th streets NW, Washington, DC. The parade has been held every year since it was re-established in 2005 after a 70 year hiatus in our nation's capital.

It is the largest Memorial Day Celebration in America and will have more than 250,000 in attendance honoring those who have served and sacrificed. There will be marching bands, veterans units, and uniformed military personnel from around the country.

The parade will also feature a special tribute to the U.S. Navy, and include Navy vet and Oscar winner Ernest Borgnine, fellow actors and veterans' supporters Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna, and music star Lee Greenwood. Also participating is Edith Shain, the nurse from the famous World War II “V-J Day in Times Square” kiss photograph. (How excited do you think she will be??)

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I hope you can be one of the many this Memorial Day who line the parade route in DC and salute America's Heroes who gave all for our Freedom. And if you can't make it to DC, I hope you will take the kids and grandkids -- and your neighbors and friends -- to the closest parade and cheer widely for those that gave all and for those that carry on.

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