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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PBS/Point of View: Regarding War

Our son has been home from war four years and medically discharged for two. His reintegration has not been without its roadblocks and setbacks but, for the most part, like a significant majority of veterans, his life has moved forward — not always in ways he imagined, but forward nonetheless.

No surprise in the lessons we have learned: the people who have helped him the most in his continuing journey have been his family, friends and the veterans' community — especially "The Bridge Builders," described by poet Will Allen Dromgoole as those who cross the chasm and stay to build a bridge for those that come behind.

New posts are up at PBS/Regarding War... including a Vietnam Vet's take on his PTSD... I could use some comments LOL everyone else wants to give "attaboys" to the huffington post people blogging there... so chime in if you feel the urge



At 11/17/2009 4:48 PM , Blogger Mary said...

Thanks for shareing. Your blog is so full of infermation.


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