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Thursday, April 14, 2005

In the News

From the Associated Press (as reported by “Iraqis are increasingly calling on U.S. forces to leave their troubled nation…” According to the story, thousands of protesters (largely followers of the self-proclaimed cleric Moody al-Sadr) held anti-American protests calling for U.S. troops to leave.
MY RESPONSE (as a military Mom): “FINE BY ME.” Bring our guys home. The sooner the better. I’m pretty sure there aren’t a lot of service members who prefer Iraq to home. Yes, of course, I know we have obligations there… and I know that their guys have to be more cohesive and need a little seasoning… and I know that there were almost as many “Americans should stay” protesters protesting the protesters (bet you didn't see that on the news!) But still, I can hope can’t I? And to those Iraqis calling for us to leave, a cautionary warning: “Careful what you wish for!”

From a Washington Post article (By Shailagh Murray): “The Senate voted yesterday to expand veterans benefits… although a battle over unrelated immigration issues is threatening to delay final passage of the legislation for days. But even some of Bush's fiercest Democratic critics on Iraq said the most urgent concern is retooling veterans’ benefits to update health and death policies and to take into account the disruptions caused by extended duties of many service members. 'Right now our concerns are taking care of the veterans,' said Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.)."
MY RESPONSE: (1) About time they passed additional spending for veterans, (2) They better not delay passage with debate about ILLEGAL activities, and (3) So what do you figure Boxer really wants?

From the same story: “Two [amendments] from Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) would allow families to stay in military housing for a full year after the death of a spouse, and enable all military dependents to receive $500,000 in total death benefits when a member of the armed forces dies on active duty.”
MY RESPONSE: So, do you think Kerry finally gets it?

And: “Kerry, who sharply criticized Bush's handling of the Iraq war throughout his presidential campaign, cited the Iraq election as a turning point for many senators because it marked a shift… toward Iraqis taking charge of their own affairs. ‘Time and circumstances have changed the situation,’ Kerry said. ‘There's a movement. Most of us feel there's more of a plan.’"
MY RESPONSE: John, the plan was to search for WMD, get rid of Saddam and let the Iraqis govern themselves. W told you so… Guess you heard him now?

Still more from the same story: “The House opened the door to revising immigration policy last month by attaching tougher rules for states in issuing driver’s [sic] licenses to illegal immigrants to its version of the spending bill. The sudden focus on immigration underscores the mounting pressure lawmakers face to address the swelling illegal workforce, a mainstay of numerous industries but a serious voter concern.”
MY RESPONSE: (1) You’re kidding, right? What part of ILLEGAL don’t they understand? Forget the tougher standards – anyone who is here illegally should not be able to get a driver’s license at all. (2) Let’s see. The voters (that would be “we, the people”?) are fed up with illegal immigration, but the Congress is feeling pressure from industries supporting such illegal activity? Hmmm. Sounds like politics as usual to me.

Still more, “One amendment, offered by Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.), addresses complaints from Chesapeake Bay seafood companies about a shortage of oyster shuckers and crab pickers, created because the ceiling on temporary visas for those workers was reached in January.”
MY RESPONSE: If the number of temporary workers some industry required was underestimated, fix the quota, don’t perform wholesale policy changes. And don’t try to shove unwanted and unnecessary changes at us or up us by tacking it on to a VETERAN’S BENEFITS bill and threaten to hold up the legislation! Yes, illegal immigration is a problem – and not just in economic terms, but in terms of our national security. Congress needs to do more than push numbers around and try to legalize via an amnesty to those who broke the law. The Congress needs to allocate sufficient funds and manpower to protect our borders and enforce the laws we already have in place. If someone from another country wants to come here to work, they should do so LEGALLY. Anyone here illegally should be deported. If you are here illegally, and you have children while you’re here, those children should not be entitled to American citizenship and should not be entitled to stay because they procreated while here. Finally, if you commit a crime while you’re here, you should be subject to the same penalties as American citizens – including the death penalty. If you don't like it, leave.

The End.


At 4/16/2005 5:22 AM , Blogger Call Me Grandma said...

Very well said. I am on the same page. The thing I could never understand was that California would give illegal aliens a drivers license. They would give a legal document to someone who was in our country illegaly.
When this person applied for the license, they should have been arrested and deported. Don't you think?

At 4/22/2005 12:36 PM , Blogger devildog6771 said...

The newspaper account was wrong. The celebration was a National Day of Celebration celebrating the end of the reign of SH and the new Democratic Government. There were a small groupd of al Sadr protestors out too, but like the guy who told wrote about the celebration on his blog in Iraq said, al Sadr and those other's who didn't vote are realizing their mistake and trying to find a way to force their way in now. Unfortunately, for them the new Iraqi government isn';t fooled and it is already making sure they have some representation in the new government.

Too bad the MSM never gets the whole story out there. Read Dadmanly's article about Steve Gilliard's report on the ware currently in Iraq. You'll really like it.

Best to you and your family. Thank you, your sons, and husband for all your service and sacrifice. My family too has many who have serverd. Semper Fi!


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