Friday, October 14, 2005


Praying for our soldiers, and the Iraqis on this great day of their constitutional referendum...
From the CNN story...
After decades of repression and dictatorship and more than two years of war and insurgency, Iraqis went to the polls Saturday to vote on a draft constitution that would set up a democratic framework to govern the religiously and ethnically disparate nation.
On the eve of the referendum, insurgents trying to disrupt the process unleashed more violence, including a bomb attack on the main power line into Baghdad from the north, which plunged 70 percent of the capital into darkness Friday night, Iraq's electricity ministry said. The cities of Beiji and Musayyib were also affected.

While the attack left the capital in unnerving darkness, the blackout was not expected to affect the voting process, which is done by paper ballot during daylight hours. Power began gradually returning in the city early Saturday morning.

Also Friday, insurgents attacked four offices of a Sunni Arab party that made a last-minute deal with the country's governing Shiite-Kurdish coalition to support a "yes" vote on the constitution. No casualties were reported.

A spokesman for the Iraqi Islamic Party, Ayad al-Samarraie, said the attacks would not change the party's decision to support the constitution.

"Those who could not convince people by words, they want to terrify them by these actions," he said.
We hear you Mr. al-Samarraie... We may not all agree about everything -- but on this we agree. They are TERRORISTS not insurgents. They will never convince us and they will not sway us. It is good to see that the fight for freedom (whether on a battlefield or at the polls -- or both) and the will to resist and repel terrorists is now something more we have in common.
God bless us everyone (ok, God Bless the Good Guys!)
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