Wednesday, January 25, 2006


We Need YOU To Help Eddie Ryan!

Wounded Marine sniper Sgt. Eddie Ryan will soon be ready to come home (in about six to eight weeks), but his home is not ready for him.
The Ellenville High School graduate was shot in the head in a friendly fire incident in Iraq April 13. The two bullets, one to the brain and one to the jaw, left Eddie seriously impaired. He speaks haltingly. He cannot walk on his own yet, though the family hopes that will eventually happen. He gets around in a wheelchair.
Doctors at Helen Hayes Rehabilitation Hospital in West Haverstraw tell the family that Eddie's stay there could end in as soon as six to eight weeks.
Eddie could go to a rehab facility with a lower level of care, but that won't happen.
"I made him a promise that from Helen Hayes, he was coming home," said his father, Chris Ryan. "That's what he wants to do."
You can DONATE and read more at Eddie's Website.
I have followed Eddie's story for a long time... Helen Hayes Hospital is along the Hudson River on Route 9W not very far from where we lived in New York... part of what we might call "the old stompin' grounds." I truly feel for this family -- their home in Ellenville is at least an hour (on a really good day with no traffic and no bad weather) from HHH. I have sent an inquiry to Homes For Our Troops.Org in the hope they can offer the Ryans some assistance. And I hit the PayPal button on Eddie's site...
h/t Andi and Melinda for reminding me of Eddie... and reminding me again how lucky we are... Noah is...
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