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Saturday, April 23, 2005

R&R, Sen. Kennedy, and Jane Fonda

Our son was to come home shortly on R&R (leave), but he emailed today that he won't R&R until later in the summer… Seems the wife of one of his battle buddies (one of "my guys") has filed for divorce and our son switched out his leave so that M. could go home and see what could be done. That young woman and their 11-month-old son are his world... I know he must be distraught. I sure wish I knew where her head was and the reason for the cruelty of the timing. My son will miss his brother's college graduation and his sister's wedding... and I know he really wanted to escort our friends' daughter to her Senior Prom to fulfill a promise they made the day he left for basic training. N. and my son have known each other since she was in first grade and he in third. He considers her his little sister and has always been her protector. (Don't worry, ladies, he’s not standing her up -- she has a date; if our son could make it, he was going to be her second escort.) Although we are greatly disappointed that we will have to wait to see him (as are his many friends), once we knew the circumstances no one in the family batted an eye because we all know and accept how close "the guys" are and how important this is -- if one has a problem and another can help, they do. That's just the way it is. It’s what brothers do.

Ted (the Senator, not the airline)
When I was in grammar school, JFK was assassinated. When I was in high school, RFK was murdered. MLK, too. All that was left of the Camelot family was Ted. Like many others, I equated the living Kennedys with the legend -- the myth -- of Jack and Bobby. Then there was "that incident" with the girl, the car and the river... Over the years, as his agenda slid more and more to the left (and I skidded more to the center and landed somewhat to the right), my opinion of Ted plummeted. I have had little use for Ted Kennedy for many years and often times find myself saying, "Oh, shut up, Ted" to my television.

Today, I would like to sincerely thank Sen. Kennedy (D-MA) and Sen. Bayh (D-IN) for sponsoring an amendment to the war finance bill that will provide somewhere between $185 million (the House) and $213 million (Senate) in additional funds to buy more fully armored Humvees for our forces in Iraq. (Mind you, the White House originally sought $743 million for the Humvees --- but every little bit helps.) Thank you, Ted and Evan (and the 58 other Senators who voted for the amendment) for helping to protect our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, friends and lovers. And while the funding for the war on terrorism passed the Senate 90-0, SHAME! SHAME! on the 10 Senators who abstained or missed the vote and especially on the 40 Senators that voted against the Humvee amendment -- I'm certain none of them have skin in the game.

Her Hanoi-ness
Jane Fonda is making the rounds these days with interviews and plugging her book... still not showing any contrition for her treasonous actions during the Vietnam War... only lamenting that she now understands how the image of her visit to the United States' then-enemy might have upset people. Ya think?? Wonder what people who support Jane would have said if an American had gone to hob-knob with Hitler, sit on an AA gun used to shoot down Allied planes and betray American POWs during WWII? You won't find this household buying her book or videos or putting money in her pocket by attending her upcoming movie, either. It has been many years, but my husband still cringes at her actions and recounts how shocked and appalled they all were when they heard of it -- they were incredulous, angered and deeply hurt. She hasn't yet earned forgiveness. Appearances being everything, it appears Jane is offering her statements in conjunction with the release of her book -- free press, more sales. It was all about Jane then, and it's still all about Jane now.


At 4/23/2005 6:45 AM , Blogger Call Me Grandma said...

Shame on this young soldier's wife.Where was her common sense?
Yes thank you to our senators for passing this bill.
Jane Fonda was a traitor. Where was her brains? The worst thing I read about her was from a former POW. He passed her a note when she visited a POW camp, and he thought she would pass it on to our government. Instead she gave it to the North Vietnamese. In my opinion that makes her a traitor. That young man said he was tortured even more, after the note incidence.

At 4/23/2005 3:29 PM , Blogger Call Me Grandma said...

You should be very proud of your soldier he is a true friend to do that for his buddy. I had to come back and tell you that. You should be proud of him. Tell him Thank You for serving. May God Bless him...Cathy, Dan's mom


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