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Friday, April 14, 2006

2006 Milblog Conference - Countdown!

2006 Milblog Conference

If you have not registered yet, there is still opportunity to attend! GO HERE TO REGISTER. (oh, and here's a helpful hint... only hit the "Submit Form" button once... you will not get a confirmation response... just check the "Conference Registrants" list to see if you're registered -- that list updates almost immediately!)
APRIL 22, 2006, Washington, DC
The 2006 Milblog Conference is designed to bring milbloggers together for one full day of interesting discussion on topics associated with milblogging, and will explore the history of milblogs, as well as what the future may hold for this medium which the military community is using to tell their stories.
Registration for this event is free of charge. All registrations are first-come, first-serve.
For our troops and others who are unable to attend the event, live video feed of the conference will be available so that you can log-on and watch the conference from any location worldwide.
A very, very heartfelt thank you to the Departmental Network of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, who have graciously donated time and resources to this conference and have been invaluable to this effort. The VFW designed the conference site and will be running the video feed. And a special thank you to for sponsoring various aspects of the conference, including the luncheon scheduled for April 22.
The conference will be held at the AED Conference Center.
To pay for that venue, the National Hidden Heroes Foundation has agreed to donate up to $5,000 worth of proceeds from an innovative project they are currently working on.
Recently, singer Barbara Fairchild recorded a very touching song dedicated to the Hidden Heroes, those who are left behind, the families of deployed troops. Barbara's song, "The Hidden Heroes" will be paired with a flash video presentation to be created by Todd Clegg. When the flash presentation is ready, it will be offered for download for a minimum contribution of $1. Contributions over $1 will be donated to the Milblog Conference. The first $5,000 will help pay for the Milblog Conference.
Please make your contribution today, and when the download is available, you will be notified by email.
The best thing is that you can be a part of this flash presentation, or others. Have some digital photos you would like to contribute to these creative projects which pay tribute to our troops and their families? If so, send them to with the word "flash" in the subject line.
You can listen to The Hidden Heroes here (click on the black box in the post). Please consider giving a few dollars to help with the Milblog Conference and tributes to our troops, and their families.
The conference is not sponsored, sanctioned, censored by, or in any way affiliated with the Department of Defense.


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