Monday, March 27, 2006


There are few words to tell you, Noah, how much we love you and how proud we are of you!! You know how much I love birthdays and how I believe birthdays are the one day every year that the rest of the world gets to tell you how happy they are they you are in it... and so we say to you, "We are so happy that you are a part of our world!!"

Have a happy day. Be safe. Be sure you have a DD. And remember that the hangovers once you're 21 are worse than the ones before. We don't know why it is. It just is.

All our love -- always. Mom & Dad

The emotion that came with this birthday are so intense this year for me. Perhaps it is because he is the youngest. Perhaps it is because he is so special. Perhaps it is because of what he has been through this year: Deployed... Wounded... the loss of 19 of his friends and fellow soldiers... the memorials... escorting his friend home... the funerals... the families left behind... The thought that had he been there that October day, he probably would have been in that HUMMV with Tommy and Tim and Jeff and Rich and Sgt. Summers...

Although is he changed... and he has been trying as best he can to adjust to his world, there is nothing else to say except that we are so grateful that he is still in our world. We are exceptionally proud to call him our son. Our soldier. Our hero.

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At 3/28/2006 3:13 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Noah! Your mother's right about those after 21 hangovers.

I'm glad to have been able to meet you and we will be toasting to you this evening.

You have experienced far more in life than the average 21 year old. Thank you again for your service and sacrifice. May your future dreams come true and happier times come soon.

At 3/28/2006 5:30 AM , Blogger Stacy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH... Drink one for me, but please have a driver, and like your mom says, the hangovers are always worse after it is legal.

At 3/28/2006 6:50 AM , Blogger Melinda said...

*\o/* HaPpY BiRtHdAy, NoAh!! *\o/*

Have a great time celebrating your b-day! And,'s the dehydration that gets you so before you crash out later, drink a big glass of water. It will help, I promise.

At 3/28/2006 7:04 AM , Blogger BetsyB. said...

Happy Birthday Dear Noah...Happy Birthday to Yooouuuuu...!!!
Enjoy this day and know that you have a BIG FAN CLUB and everyone one of us that have been following your mothers blog all these months think that you are SPECIAL.
Celebrate the big "21" but be careful.

At 3/28/2006 7:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noah- HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may the coming year be MUCH more "boring" than the last one was! Seriously- you are a remarkable young man and we have been privileged to leran a little bit about you here. May you have many, many more happy, healthy and safe yars ahead. Thanks again for for what you are doing for all of us!

At 3/28/2006 8:37 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Noah... I have keep up on your moms blog an I feel like I have known you an your mother for a while I have cried with your family an I have laughed with things also... so please from one military family to another have a wonderful time ,,, an stay safe

At 3/28/2006 4:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Noah. We're all so proud of you. Thanks for your service.

Now, go do what everyone else does when they turn 21. Sorry mom.

At 3/31/2006 8:05 AM , Blogger yankeemom said...

Happy Birthday, Noah!!!
I'm a little late ... but then I always thought that birthdays should last a month. ;o)
And that it's ok to remind people that it's birthday for a whole month. (I just wouldn't keep having birthday drinks the whole month...nope, not a good idea.)

At 4/04/2006 2:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As Noah's Aunt K, it hardly seems possible that it's been 21 years since a phone call with my mom was interrupted by the opeator to announce the joyful news that Noah had arrived, albeit VERY early. Smaller than my hand at birth, he has always achieved all that he has set out to accomplish in his life. I love him like my own son & have reminded him many times that he & I share the same blood since his mom & I are twins and share the same. I have always been & continue to be immeasurably proud of him & all his successes. I honor his commitment to serve. Love you, Noah!

At 4/10/2006 12:25 PM , Blogger Call Me Grandma said...

Dang it! I missed your Birthday.
I still want to tell you that I am so happy you are part of this world. God blessed your family, and this planet, 21 years ago by sending you here.
May God bless you with many more happy years.


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