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Monday, July 18, 2005

Still Waiting....

Still no word from our son or any of the Guys... and a quick check of the telephone accounts reveals no activity, so I assume our son has left Kuwait.... no panic, just wish we'd hear... something. But I can live with the "no news is good news" thing as well...

DH and I saw three movies this weekend... I can't remember when we last saw three movies in a YEAR -- let alone a weekend. One outing was planned, one was spur of the moment, and the third was friends who called to see if we wanted to join them for dinner and a movie...
First we saw "Sahara" which we had wanted to see when it first came out but (as usual) had not. I don't care what the reviewers said -- I thought it was pure fun and fantasy -- plus I got this thing for former Navy pilots... (wink)(wink). And Matthew McConaughey really worked hard to get that body in shape... mmm-mmm-mmm. And William H. Macy was again a delight to watch... and Steve Zahn had just the right mix of zaniness and swagger as McC's sidekick. If you haven't seen it and it's no longer in a theater near you, I recommend you rent it -- it's a hoot!
Next, we saw "War of the Worlds". Very intense movie. The special effects were very good (the aliens and their ships were truly terrifying) but some of the effects were a little gruesome for my tastes. And all the comparisons to 9/11 are certainly fair (for one who was there) and for my money a rapt analogy of the beasts (terrorists) who would wipe out our way of life just because... and that they may indeed be planted among us. It was difficult watching some of the Army battle scenes (but they're still the heroes saving the world) and the scenes between Tom Cruise's character Ray and his son about "needing to be there" and to "see this" and to let him go were also a little difficult to watch because I identified exactly with Ray's emotions as a parent.
Lastly, we saw "Batman Begins". Very well told story. Entertaining. I agree with those that said it was the best Batman movie to date. Wasn't sure what to expect since some of the previous Batman movies were so camp. Just the right mix of drama, action and romance (almost none, actually). DH and I both enjoyed it.
Now as for one of my pet peeves, although War of the World's is rated PG-13 (I believe this film was violent enough to have been rated "R") I was really quite shocked by the number of people who had brought young (10 or under) children to this flick -- and of course we had to listen to the 300 questions and comments and screams from the 8 year old behind us until 30 minutes into the film our companions (after the obligatory hard stares failed) asked the parents if they could remind him to speak in a whisper (they did, he did...) But this film is definitely not appropriate for young children.
And in the packed Batman theater as well... there was a man and woman who brought their 3 or 4 year old daughter and an infant in a carrier... Both children began to wail within the first few minutes of the movie. We sat many rows in front of them but could hear the father trying to calm the little girl and the mother worked feverishly to stop the baby from crying to no avail. But did they leave or take the children to the lobby? Nope. The theater manager had to come and ask them to do so. Some people just have no sense. If you can't get a sitter, please find some other age-appropriate activities to do with your children and watch the movie when it comes out on video in a few months.
And before I get angry responses from some out there, I do empathize with young parents -- Been there. Done that. No, it's not easy... but your children screaming or acting inappropriately in the movies is unfair for all the rest of the audience who also paid $15 to come escape to a movie. It's just common courtesy and good manners.
This week I want to see "Fantastic Four" which was one of my all time favorite comic books when I was growing up! And I saw Michael Chiklis interviewed recently and thought he was a riot as he talked about the costumes and the trials and tribulations of playing the part of Ben Grimm (the Thing)... and I hope they made Johnny Storm as big a smart aleck in the movie as I remember from the comics...
So THIS is what it's like to be retired!!


At 7/18/2005 7:01 PM , Blogger Jen said...

You are so cute!

Hope you hear from all of your sons soon, but glad you're keeping busy in the interim by single handedly keeping Hollywood in business!

At 7/18/2005 7:40 PM , Blogger Rantburger said...

I'm SHOCKED that you would speak in such a manner to the parents of a young child who was simply trying to "do his thing!" What's this world coming to when people expect other people to exercise self restraint and manners in public? I hope that you didn't traumatize the poor young thing.

By the way: Matthew may have a killer sixpack, but he's one of the biggest stoners in Austin, which is saying a lot. But then, I don't actually care whether Catherine Zeta-Jones does dope, either.

At 7/18/2005 10:49 PM , Blogger Some Soldier's Mom said...

Kevin, That's too bad about MC... maybe that's why he's not getting the really big roles? He had such potential and I often wondered why he wasn't doing some of the bigger flicks... He's kind of old for that stuff isn't he? (But I have this saying "they don't call it dope for nothin' ")

At 7/19/2005 5:57 AM , Blogger Melinda said...

So funny your pet peeves is one of mine. Remember seeing parents w/2 small boys (6 and 4) at Air Force One--SO violent! I had a good laugh and pointed it out to the mother when, after the movie in the lobby, she denied her son a gumball b/c he "might choke"...I asked her if she realized how ludicrous it was to fill her son's mind full of stuff that scared the crap out of me (a grown woman) but deny him the opportunity to choke on a stupid.

Hope you hear something soon!!

At 7/19/2005 8:49 AM , Blogger Erik Holtan said...

I suppose waiting is the worst when you have absolutaly no control over it, but he probably has lots of things to do, and it takes awhile to get away and find even where you can call from!
Have a good day!

At 7/19/2005 2:38 PM , Blogger Army Wife said...

Mr. Matthew Mc---whatever.....ahhhh I could watch him watch paint dry all day.....and all night.

Thank You for giving me something good to think about while I am getting dinner ready.


At 7/21/2005 12:03 AM , Blogger Shannon said...

This is why we've not gone to the movies since 1997 when I was pregnant with our first child. Husband and I do not use babysitters(although they are now getting to an age where we are considering it), so if they can't go - we don't go :).

Having said that, had I known in 1997 that I would not see a movie in a theater for almost a decade, I probably would not have chosen to see Howard Stern's movie - Private Parts. Always embarrassing to say that is the LAST movie dh and I went to see LMBO!!

Thanks for the great post. Too many idiots are parents these days and care more about themselves than their children - or those around them. Don't even get me started about lack of parenting and how children behave in restaurants. I guess dh and I are just odd...our children behave, say "yes ma'am" or "no sir" and if they didn't behave we certainly wouldn't subject others to their wraith lol.


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