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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Free Premium Access to Job Seeker Tools for Veterans

Haven't checked this out myself (really busy), but I put it out there for your info... is offering free premium access to job seeker tools and strategies for veterans returning from war and transitioning back into the workplace.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) July 20, 2006 --Effective immediately, is extending a special offer to servicemen to help alleviate the transition back into a new job or career by formally offering free access to the Premium subscription. This offer will allow servicemen all of the best-practice tools during the entire time that they are stationed overseas as well as twelve months after they return home. JibberJobber is used in conjunction with other tools (like job boards) and resources (like counselors and recruiters).
JibberJobber allows job seekers to track the companies that they are interested in, recruiters they work with and job boards they post on. It also allows job seekers to keep track of job applications and the status of each one, as well as important network contacts. There are various worksheets for preparing for an interview as well as a library where job seekers can share their own ideas, tips, advice and stories.
JibberJobber is used throughout the world by job seekers that are frustrated trying to keep track of where they apply, who their contacts are and all of the other information gathered in a job search. Extending this free access is a show of support to returning troops. They already have enough to worry about coming back home - hopefully using all of JibberJobber's features will ease the transition.
While many features of JibberJobber are free forever, there are many conveniences that are only found in the Premium subscription. These are conveniences that career experts preach and teach, and they make a job search more efficient and effective. This special offer allows our veterans to use these high-end tools and conveniences to more effectively manage their job search.
With this special offer, war veterans will have access to auto-emailed reminders so they don't miss important follow-up, expense tracker to keep track of possible tax deductions, importing and exporting of their data to interface with Outlook, a PDA and other programs, and many more features.
This offer is available to any serviceman or servicewoman that is overseas and is concerned about career or job issues when they return. Wives or others that are involved in helping these military personnel transition back can actively participate in helping find a job and use JibberJobber along with the serviceman they are helping.
For more information on how to get the free premium account, visit


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