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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Terence Mann: I'm going to beat you with a crowbar until you leave.
Ray Kinsella: You can't do that.
Terence Mann: There are rules here? No, there are no rules here. [advances with crowbar]
Ray Kinsella: You're a pacifist!
Terence Mann: [stops] Shit.
[from Field of Dreams (1989)]

Has anyone else noticed that we seem to be the only ones that play by the rules any more? Iran says it won't agree to any restrictions on nuclear weapons... they send money, weapons and who knows what else to Hezbollah... North Korea says they can do whatever they want with their missiles and they won't comply with any UN resolutions... Syria supplies weapons and money and fighters to Hezbollah and weapons and money to any terrorist organization that holds its hands out... Hezbollah ignores UN resolutions to disarm and no one makes them... they fire their missiles with the sole intent of killing civilians (they certainly don't seem to be firing at the Israeli military in Israel) and hide behind the Lebanese civilians... they don't wear uniforms... they embed with UN personnel... they keep their weapons in civilian homes and rocket launchers in residential neighborhoods (orchestrating public opinion when civilians are killed... do you wonder why there were only women and children in this morning's blast? no men? and 7 hours until anyone reported the first casualty? hmmm...) Hamas fires into Israel... hides among the civilian population... hides their weapons among the civilians... Hezbollah and Hamas kidnap soldiers and start armed conflicts... but the only calls for restraint are on the nation that was attacked?
At what point does the world (and you can read that "Western world" if you want) say, "ENOUGH!!" ??
Why are we the only ones that seem to play by the "rules"? Are there still rules? If we're going to suspend the rules for some, then we should suspend the rules for all... Sometimes I just want to say, ok let's just get this all over with... take off the gloves and smash the crap out of these "rogues". No such thing as "world peace" if 1/2 the world says they're not interested... if parts of the world believe that all who die -- combatants or civilians -- are "martyrs" for their cause... if there is no impetus to protect innocents.
And the only thing Kofi can say is, "Well, we're trying to figure out what it will take to end this conflict" ?? Kofi... babe... DISARM HEZBOLLAH... DISARM HAMAS...
Time for the UN to grow some cajones ... or dissolve. Enough with the "resolutions" already.
Addendum: I didn't mean to leave out Iraq and Afghanistan from this post... The same cowardly actions of terrorists targeting civilians and hiding behind and amongst civilians... no uniforms... no way to know who will shoot you and who will not... and they hide in hospitals, schools and mosques to attack and hide their weapons and fighters... When will the rest of the world "get it'? When will they understand that terrorists do not play by any rules -- certainly not our rules. Time to wisen up... We are fighting an enemy that doesn't think twice about blowing up civilians and the planes they ride on... or the buildings they live and work in... schools where our children should be safe... hospitals that should be havens... They don't care. Understand? They.don' They just want you dead.
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At 7/30/2006 4:33 PM , Blogger Nicholas said...

I feel your rage. I really do.

Here's my little rant:

Is it just me, or is the world getting more stupid every day? Perhaps people were always stupid and now I'm only just realizing it. One day, this is going to all come to a violent head, and people will pay for their stupidity. Not yet, though.

Is there any point for those of us who actually care trying to prevent it any more? Is there any point trying to get peace in the Middle East when all they want is war? Maybe we should let them have what they seem to be begging for. Maybe when their cities lie in ruin and they will suddenly grow up and stop having tantrums.

I am constantly reminded of the quote, "I hope that they get what they want, and I hope they get it good and hard". (Or something to that effect).


Greetings from Australia, where I'm hoping everything is going to turn out alright, but am not going to be surprised in the least if it all goes to hell instead.

At 7/30/2006 5:18 PM , Blogger carmachu said...

You forgot to add:

Why is it the UN routinely sends out condemnation to Israel, but we really havent heard a peep or condemnation from Kofi on the matter? I know he or his aides quickly acused Israel of intentionally shooting UN personal....

At 7/31/2006 8:33 AM , Anonymous Proud Army Pilot Mom said...

Thank you for saying it. Now I would like to nominate YOU to become the head of the UN. I'd love to see what you could do there. At least you would tell it like it is.

At 8/01/2006 1:34 AM , Blogger Homefront Six said...


I agree with you 110%.

At 8/01/2006 3:27 AM , Anonymous Wintergreen Mint said...

Yesterday I read a comment on Milblogs that got me to thinking. (Sorry, I forget who said it or what article it was on. Props to whoever it was.) You bring the comment up here. How long it took the reports to come in.

Well, here is a little theory, totally unresearched, fresh from a little brain storming session I had with somebody else.

Say you are a member of Hezbollah (Or is it Hizbollah?) and you have oh, nine buddies with you. You drive around packing some rocket launchers and shells, looking for a nice large apartment building sure to be packed with innocent children and women, and maybe you know there aren't going to be too many men home.

You pull up, grab your guns, run up there, and pull every innocent child and woman who doesn't get away, (Maybe none.) and you shove them all in the basement where they can't escape, and put two guards on them.

Then the rest of your group launches rockets at Israel near the buildnig and wait for the decidedly missle like reply, knowing full well you are all going to be killed, but are going to taking 60 some very innocent people with you.

Isreal drops leaflets and waits for the civilians to leave, and many do, but your hostages can't.

It's martyrdom and a huge public opinion coup all wrapped into one, and the men who do it, because they fired their rockets off get their however many virgins for their sacrifice. *rolls eyes*

Plus nobody can prove you did it. It will look odd to the rest of the world that these people would still be "hiding" in a basement so many hours after the fact, but not impossible.

It just seems so easy, and so like something these bastards would do.

Maybe I've got my facts wrong here, but it's still food for thought.


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