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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Terence Mann: I'm going to beat you with a crowbar until you leave.
Ray Kinsella: You can't do that.
Terence Mann: There are rules here? No, there are no rules here. [advances with crowbar]
Ray Kinsella: You're a pacifist!
Terence Mann: [stops] Shit.
[from Field of Dreams (1989)]

Has anyone else noticed that we seem to be the only ones that play by the rules any more? Iran says it won't agree to any restrictions on nuclear weapons... they send money, weapons and who knows what else to Hezbollah... North Korea says they can do whatever they want with their missiles and they won't comply with any UN resolutions... Syria supplies weapons and money and fighters to Hezbollah and weapons and money to any terrorist organization that holds its hands out... Hezbollah ignores UN resolutions to disarm and no one makes them... they fire their missiles with the sole intent of killing civilians (they certainly don't seem to be firing at the Israeli military in Israel) and hide behind the Lebanese civilians... they don't wear uniforms... they embed with UN personnel... they keep their weapons in civilian homes and rocket launchers in residential neighborhoods (orchestrating public opinion when civilians are killed... do you wonder why there were only women and children in this morning's blast? no men? and 7 hours until anyone reported the first casualty? hmmm...) Hamas fires into Israel... hides among the civilian population... hides their weapons among the civilians... Hezbollah and Hamas kidnap soldiers and start armed conflicts... but the only calls for restraint are on the nation that was attacked?
At what point does the world (and you can read that "Western world" if you want) say, "ENOUGH!!" ??
Why are we the only ones that seem to play by the "rules"? Are there still rules? If we're going to suspend the rules for some, then we should suspend the rules for all... Sometimes I just want to say, ok let's just get this all over with... take off the gloves and smash the crap out of these "rogues". No such thing as "world peace" if 1/2 the world says they're not interested... if parts of the world believe that all who die -- combatants or civilians -- are "martyrs" for their cause... if there is no impetus to protect innocents.
And the only thing Kofi can say is, "Well, we're trying to figure out what it will take to end this conflict" ?? Kofi... babe... DISARM HEZBOLLAH... DISARM HAMAS...
Time for the UN to grow some cajones ... or dissolve. Enough with the "resolutions" already.
Addendum: I didn't mean to leave out Iraq and Afghanistan from this post... The same cowardly actions of terrorists targeting civilians and hiding behind and amongst civilians... no uniforms... no way to know who will shoot you and who will not... and they hide in hospitals, schools and mosques to attack and hide their weapons and fighters... When will the rest of the world "get it'? When will they understand that terrorists do not play by any rules -- certainly not our rules. Time to wisen up... We are fighting an enemy that doesn't think twice about blowing up civilians and the planes they ride on... or the buildings they live and work in... schools where our children should be safe... hospitals that should be havens... They don't care. Understand? They.don' They just want you dead.
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Monday, July 24, 2006

Musings from My Livingroom: Love More Than Hate

I keep watching all these reports on the Israeli/Lebanese (or more correctly Hezbollah) war… It’s always the same and I wonder why I can’t stop watching. I continue to hear how support by the Lebanese for Hezbollah continues to grow. I see Lebanese saying that they are supporting Hezbollah because Hezbollah is promising that they will provide bomb shelters from the bombs, protection from the bullets… that Hezbollah will rebuild the buildings, will provide food, that Hezbollah will provide medical care… and it strikes me as the story of the child who murders his parents and then cries because he is an orphan! Hezbollah promises to fix the damage it created!!

I heard an interview with a young Hezbollah supporter that said Hezbollah is a political party not unlike the Republicans or Democrats in America! Well, except while we have problems with some of our neighboring countries, neither the D’s nor R’s take up arms and bomb our neighboring countries... and the only “bullets” they exchange are verbal. But as I sit here I can assure you that had any other country come across our border, kidnapped Americans and was firing thousands of missiles at us, we’d react the same as Israel. No doubt. The same.

I wonder what type of hue and cry would have gone up across the world had it been Israel who stole across/under the border and kidnapped two soldiers (or civilians since there were no Lebanese military in the area) and then fired missiles daily into Lebanon? No one in Lebanon seems to be acknowledging that Hezbollah has been able to -- and can -- stop the Israeli attacks and incursions at any time by returning the two Israeli soldiers and stop firing missiles into Israel. They don’t have to raise money or give up their first-born… just do what is reasonable… moral… right. Oh wait -- this is a terrorist organization: they are not reasonable or moral, nor do they care what is right. They are not bound by the mores of decent society.

I am almost amused by the calls for Israel to cease fire; considering that Israel has the capacity to kill millions in Lebanon but have shown such restraint as to have only killed 300… and while 300 truly civilian deaths is horrible and regrettable, when you have terrorist fighters who are not in uniform and who move among the civilian population and store their weapons in civilian homes and in mosques and hospitals (because unlike themselves they know that civilized, compassionate peoples will not indiscriminately bomb civilians), how do you know when the dead are Hezbollah or civilian? If no member of Hezbollah is really military -- and certainly none wear a uniform -- wouldn’t that make all of Hezbollah “civilian”?

I have read editorials and opinions of journalists saying that the state of Israel is a “failed experiment” -- that putting a Jewish state in the middle of the Arab world was just asking for trouble… Don’t you think it’s time that the “modern” Arab world to get over it already? It’s like being 5' 7" or olive-skinned, or a short, bearded, frothing‑at‑the‑mouth liberal journalist: not much you can do about it -- so get over it and get on with life already. Israel isn’t going anywhere… time to put your big girl panties on and deal with it.

If those that cannot reconcile themselves to a Jewish state would put half as much energy into building their countries, those countries would be wealthy in more ways than money. And frankly, the argument that Israel in the middle of the “Arab world” is a little weak because these people aren’t opposed to Israel per se: they are opposed to JEWS anywhere in the world… not just to Israel as a place. They would hate Israel wherever it was located.

I find it disingenuous that Muslims who hate others because of their religion (Hebrew or Christian) are the first ones -- ala CAIR* -- to stand up when people (any people) fret about Muslims and the dangers they pose. And while I understand and accept that not all Muslims hate every non‑Muslim, it seems to me that the larger Muslim population has yet to accept that violence by Muslims is at the forefront of all the major violence in the world today; not just military violence, e.g., in Afghanistan and Iraq, but violence against civilians in the world: Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Pakistan, England, France, Spain, the USA… And I can’t imagine that those who claim to be true Muslims, i.e., those that say Islam abhors violence in its name, are not as frightened as the “non-Muslim world” at the thought of a new world caliphate that would be ruled by such extremists that would deny even such moderate Muslims their form of Islam. More frightening is that these extremists care not who they kill or maim on their way to their “new world order” -- Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist, agnostic. And I hope that moderate Muslims take no comfort in that Islamofascists will grant them the blessing of martyrdom if any of them are killed in the fascists’ fight.

I also sit stunned at the sheer number of missiles and the weaponry available -- via Syria and Iran -- and the COST. I ponder this with respect to Hamas as well, and it compels me to ask: How many hospitals could have been built with the money? How many schools? Roads? Homes? Clinics? How many infant deaths could have been prevented with a Women-Infants-Children’s nutrition and pre‑natal care program? How many businesses could have been started with the money? How many factories and manufacturing facilities could have been built -- places to make things and be the linchpins of a sustainable economy? How many Palestinian or Lebanese youth could have been sent to college? How many could now be teachers? Doctors? Lawyers? Statesmen and diplomats?

I wonder if the Lebanese and the Palestinians ever ask themselves these same questions? Do they ever wonder where the money for the weapons comes from? Do they just not care? I cannot imagine any mother (or father) anywhere that did not want more for their children than they had themselves… that they do not have the same wish that I have for each of my children -- and for all children everywhere -- to be happy. And safe. It is beyond any point of reference I can conjure. I cannot imagine living my life and helping my children move into the future shackled by the actions or inactions of people 50, 100, 1000 years ago.
Yes, yes, yes. I understand how complicated the history of the region is… Yes, yes, yes, I understand that there are so many sensibilities and sensitivities… But the truth of the matter is that the Future is all we can really give our children and I cannot imagine taking it from them so callously. If these people really looked at their history -- especially recent history -- the futility of their actions should be stark and it should be obvious that the fighting, the envy, the warring… the hating has brought them nothing but despair, death and destruction. Surely they want more than that for their children? Surely…

I keep wondering whether it is true -- that the fighting will never be over until the people of Palestine and parts of Lebanon and Syria and Iran love their children more than they hate the Israelis… and Americans.

* Council on American-Islamic Relations

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Honoring the Victims

Picked this up from Andi over at Andi's World

July 19, 2006

Honoring the Victims of the 1983 Beirut Terrorist Attack

7/19/06: Post bumped up due to recent events in Beirut.

This post was originally published on February 27, 2006. Recently, someone posted it in a Marine chat room. Over the weekend, I heard from Marines, some of whom lost fellow Marines in Beirut. Out of respect for these men, and in the hopes that more of you will sign the petition (it's free), I am bumping this post up. Semper Fi.

Original post:

Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem.- President Ronald Reagan, 1985

Long before September 11, 2001, our country experienced a terrorist attack at the hands of Islamic extremists. That attack occurred in Beirut, Lebanon where 241 Americans, mostly Marines, perished.

In just over two years from now, the 25th anniversary of that tragedy will be upon us. For 19 years, The Beirut Stamp Initiative, comprised of Gold Star Families, has been petitioning the US Congress, and the USPS Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee to commission a stamp memorializing the deaths of our troops on that fateful day in 1983.

The submission has repeatedly been been rejected and one of the reasons cited is, quite frankly, an outrage.

We try hard to honor positive things
People want non-controversial pretty stamps
Beirut lacked significance in American history and not enough people were killed

Below you'll find the criteria for selecting a stamp for commission.

The Committee's primary goal is to select subjects for recommendation to the Postmaster General that are both interesting and educational. In addition to Postal Service's extensive line of regular stamps, approximately 25 new subjects for commemorative stamps are recommended each year. Stamp selections are made with all postal customers in mind, not just stamp collectors. A good mix of subjects, both interesting and educational, is essential.

Looking at some of the stamps that have made the cut, like this, this and this, just to highlight a few, I'm not sure any of them should be considered interesting or educational. However, Americans who were murdered in peacetime by religious fanatics, well, that's a different story. Furthermore, to say that Beirut "lacked significance in American History" is a slap in the face to the family members of those who lost their lives.

In 2003, Congress failed to move a resolution endorsing the issuance of the stamp.

In January 2003, Congressman Walter B. Jones Jr., introduced House Resolution 45, asking Congress to issue a stamp in remembrance of the Beirut, Lebanon service members. However, the resolution never received 50 co-sponsoring congressional signatures and couldn’t be put to a vote in the House of Representatives.

Interestingly, a stamp intended to raise funds for the families of the victims of 9/11 was commissioned in 2002, and rightly so.

And yes, the USPS has, in the past, issued a stamp honoring Marines. But as I said in my opening, the United States felt the sting of terrorism long before September 11, and those who gave their lives in 1983 should be honored.

I'm afraid that this stamp may never be commissioned, mainly because we're less than three years away from the 25th anniversary, which was the original goal to have this stamp approved, and it hasn't been accepted by the USPS as of yet.

Subjects should be submitted at least three years in advance of the proposed date of issue to allow sufficient time for consideration and for design and production, if the subject is approved.

But let's try anyway. Currently, there are only 9,847 signatories on the petition for this stamp. Let's see if we can boost that number significantly.
Click here and sign the petition.

Beirut veterans even have a blog, and one entry caught my attention. Hezbollah continues to boast over the slaughter of our troops, after 22+ years.

The 1983 attack on American Marine barracks in Beirut that killed 241 was Hezbollah's coming-out party. To this day, the attack is lauded on its TV channel Al-Manar. A Hezbollah "poet," Atef Moussa, appeared on May 22, 2005, and said, "Who says we are afraid of war? ... Who can compare to the men of Hezbollah? ... These enemies [the American military] turned out to be as light as cardboard. Bush knows it. Beirut remains dangerous for the Marines. Our proof is here, they left in shame. Our people sail the seas of martyrdom."

Still believe that Beirut had no significance on American history?

View an informative flash presentation of events surrounding the October 23, 1983 massacre, narrated by Marines who were there. They recognize that terrorism was omnipresent long before 9/11.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Free Premium Access to Job Seeker Tools for Veterans

Haven't checked this out myself (really busy), but I put it out there for your info... is offering free premium access to job seeker tools and strategies for veterans returning from war and transitioning back into the workplace.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) July 20, 2006 --Effective immediately, is extending a special offer to servicemen to help alleviate the transition back into a new job or career by formally offering free access to the Premium subscription. This offer will allow servicemen all of the best-practice tools during the entire time that they are stationed overseas as well as twelve months after they return home. JibberJobber is used in conjunction with other tools (like job boards) and resources (like counselors and recruiters).
JibberJobber allows job seekers to track the companies that they are interested in, recruiters they work with and job boards they post on. It also allows job seekers to keep track of job applications and the status of each one, as well as important network contacts. There are various worksheets for preparing for an interview as well as a library where job seekers can share their own ideas, tips, advice and stories.
JibberJobber is used throughout the world by job seekers that are frustrated trying to keep track of where they apply, who their contacts are and all of the other information gathered in a job search. Extending this free access is a show of support to returning troops. They already have enough to worry about coming back home - hopefully using all of JibberJobber's features will ease the transition.
While many features of JibberJobber are free forever, there are many conveniences that are only found in the Premium subscription. These are conveniences that career experts preach and teach, and they make a job search more efficient and effective. This special offer allows our veterans to use these high-end tools and conveniences to more effectively manage their job search.
With this special offer, war veterans will have access to auto-emailed reminders so they don't miss important follow-up, expense tracker to keep track of possible tax deductions, importing and exporting of their data to interface with Outlook, a PDA and other programs, and many more features.
This offer is available to any serviceman or servicewoman that is overseas and is concerned about career or job issues when they return. Wives or others that are involved in helping these military personnel transition back can actively participate in helping find a job and use JibberJobber along with the serviceman they are helping.
For more information on how to get the free premium account, visit

Saturday, July 15, 2006


I don't know where I've been (well, I have been busy), but I seemed to have missed the announcement or buzz on this internet radio station... WWW.HOOAHRADIO.COM I am having a blast listening to the DJs (yakking at ya is really minimal) while I've been working on the PC here most of the day. The music could have come right off my MP3 player -- a little of everything: AC/DC, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Nazareth, Bon Jovi. The best is that it's all dedicated and about our military -- past, present and future.
You can send requests and dedications via email and IM -- you can even record your own dedication or message to the troops and send it to the radio "station" to be played on the air. I choked up as a young girl came on and said, "Just wanted to send a shout out to my Dad in Afghanistan and my Mom in Iraq. Stay safe and I love you." That was tough.

So I pass this on... and don't forget to give a donation... Go to the HOOAH Store and get yourself some free stuff for your donation!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Derrick McG learned to surf early and he did it often. Surfed all his life. He loved it. He thought a lot about those big waves and the cold water while serving as a Navy Corpsman in the waterless, hot and dusty sand of Iraq. When he lost his leg in an IED explosion, he couldn’t reconcile that he might never surf again.
So Derrick contacted Operation Comfort -- an all-volunteer organization that works with the wounded men and women recovering at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. The volunteers love the wounded and trying to make a difference in the lives of the wounded is all from their hearts. They took amputees to both Lake Tahoe and Breckenridge for adaptive skiing in December. They found sponsors and host dinners for the wounded...

When Derrick approached Janis Roznowski, the Director and Founder of Operation Comfort about going surfing, she told him that if he could find someone who could teach amputees how to surf then she and the organization would raise the money to take them. So Derrick did some looking and he found Rodney Roller of the Association of Amputee Surfers --

Now Operation Comfort is planning to take 20 amputees to Pismo Beach August 15-20 for a five day surf clinic and for a Thursday stay at a beachfront resort. Two professional surf schools will teach these military hero amputees how to surf!

Janis tells me, “We need money to purchase the airline tickets and pay for the soldiers’ lodging and food. This is an expensive trip. We have cut the cost down to $35,000 depending on how much we end up paying for airline tickets. We have about $15,000 raised… If we don’t raise the full amount we will have to cut down on the number of amputees we can take.”

MAKE A DONATION VIA THEIR PAYPAL LINK (send a separate email with the amount of your PayPal donation and indicating it’s for the surfing trip.)

Operation Comfort
P. O. Box 4010
Lago Vista, Texas 78645

Please make a note on the check that the donation is for the Surfing Trip.

The Organization would also gladly accept the donation of airline miles…

If you can otherwise help send these guys surfin’, feel free to email Janis: or call her at 1-512-297-8972



If everybody had an ocean
Across the U.S.A.
Then everybody’d be surfin’
Like californi-a
You’d see ‘em wearing their baggies
Huarachi sandals, too
A bushy, bushy blonde hairdo
Surfin’ U.S.A.

-- Chuck Berry/Brian Wilson

And you should tool around the Operation Comfort website and see the fantastic things they are doing for the wounded at BAMC -- laptops for the wounded barracks, adaptive sports equipment, outings, trips, dinners… The needs are great, but these people are so awesome in their resolve and dedication.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Supporting Our Military... and Their Mission

So after you have your cheek swabbed to see if you can be a bone marrow donor for Navy Seal Justin (go to Blackfive and read all the details!), here's something else you can do to support our mission in Iraq...

This is from Chaplain Bjertness from the 1/125 Strike deployed in Iraq...

SOS for Smith Gate

Dear Friends,

I have a cause I think you may be interested in. At the FOB where I am located we have a walk-up clinic for Iraqi's. This clinic is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Legally, we cannot use medical supplies which have been designated for soldier use, so we get these supplies through Non-Governmental Organizations. At the moment these entities are in short supply. So, I am asking readers if they would like to help. Here is a list of what we need:

Triple Antibiotic Ointment
Silva dine (if there are any doctors or pharmicists interested this would be great)
Anti-itch cream
Children’s fever/ pain Meds (Tylenol, Motrin, generic- for all ages; infants, toddlers, and children)
Hydrocortisone cream
Eye drops (Saline tears, Visine)
Children’s Multi-Vitamins (Flintstones, generic)
Adult Multi-Vitamins
Eucerin Cream- great for skin that was burned and now itches
Lotions with Aloe and Vitamin E
Baby Shampoo (Johnson & Johnson)
Baby Powder (Johnson & Johnson)
Dove Soap (bar or liquid)
Shampoo travel size
Tooth Brushes Adult and Children
Tooth Paste
Dental Floss

Travel size or sample size items would be the best. All of these items will be distributed for Humanitarian Aid. If you are able to help these supplies can be sent to:

Chaplain (CPT) Bjertness
HHB 1/125 Strike
CSC Scania
APO AE 09331

Thank you for your consideration. Your efforts to help God's people here in Iraq is an important work that you do. God Bless you all.


And Happy Birthday, J!! We are very proud of you, son! Bravo Zulu!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Praying Nobody Screwed with the Tunnel

Back in March 2005 I was detailing what my pre-retirement days commuting to Manhattan from suburban New York via New Jersey were like. In that piece I wrote
My day used to start in the dark at 5:00AM and by 6:30AM I'd be on a bus to New York City praying nobody screwed with the tunnel under the Hudson that day...

For anyone that has never ridden in the NY/NJ underground tunnels, there are PATH (train) tunnels (I think 2), and the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels, which are vehicular. The exit of the tunnels into Manhattan are not that far from Ground Zero. In fact, one of the tunnels was dedicated for a while after 9/11 to the trucks removing debris from the site of the WTC.

The tunnels run deep -- but not that deep -- below the mighty Hudson River and its many billions of gallons of water. The water is held at bay by a huge and complicated network of walls, barriers, massive framework and tons of dirt and cement. What you see when you travel through the tunnels by car are the shiny white ceramic tiles that line the walls. Similar in the PATH tunnels only they're not as pretty. The tunnels are a few miles long, but if you're even mildly claustrophobic they seem 100 miles long -- especially if the traffic is slow (although it can move bumper to bumper at 50 mph! The tunnels do have some minimal lighting, but since it's like riding in a car or bus through the tube of a roll of paper towels in two lanes of bumper to bumper traffic, it is stilll dark and gloomy. If an accident or diabled vehicle blocks one or more lanes, it becomes a parking lot just that fast.

There is security at the entrance to the vehicular tunnels (usually Port Authority police but when the alert level goes up, the NJ National Guard with appropriate weapons and search personnel); trucks are scrutinized closely and quite often stopped and searched. Trains are a bit more problematic because there are many entrances and more than 200,000 people ride the trains each day. For my part, I rode through the tunnels in the mornings and the evenings with my radio headphones firmly planted in my ears and with my eyes closed for the most part and if stopped in traffic silently repeating my mantra, "i. am. not. under. the. hudson. river. i. am. not. under. the. husdon. river..." I don't need to detail the effect that releasing the river water to any part of Manhattan (or any large city) would have.

So today, I awake to this story...

FBI agents monitoring Internet chat rooms smashed a possible Al Qaeda-linked terrorist plot to attack New York City's underground transportation system, law enforcement officials said Friday.

Although now they say it was not the Holland Tunnel that was targeted but the PATH tunnels.

However, from breaking news, it seems that -- once again -- some a$$hat on the inside decided to LEAK the details of this CLASSIFIED investigation to the media before they were ready to close out the home grown cell and some a$$hat newspaper or other media outlet decided to publish the details!!! Grrrrrr... Some day soon, these leaks and the premature publication of the details are going to cost Americans their lives -- civilian or soldier -- unless we start prosecuting those who leak the information and those that make the decision to publish/publicize the details.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Soldiers' Angels (Germany) Needs Phone Cards

As detailed over at Blackfive, Angels International is out of phone cards and needs them for the wounded outpatient soldiers at Kleber Kaserne and the inpatients at Landstuhl Army Medical Center.
When Noah was wounded last year, we and Noah used these cards to stay in touch with and update family and friends back in the U.S. They were not only a necessity, but a real morale booster.

Please send your cards to

Soldiers' Angels

3222 Falling Brook

San Antonio Texas 78258-4430

or donate online

or send cards directly to Germany (only requires regular U.S. postage to an APO!):

21st TSC, Medical Transient Detachment
ATTN: Soldiers' Angels, Soldiers Angels
UNIT 23203
APO AE 09263

Thank you!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday, America!!!


I Love my country.
I am proud to be an American.
I will not take my freedom for granted.
I honor those who have served and those who do serve.
We are the greatest nation on Earth.
We are the Land of the Free because we are also the Home of the Brave.
Let freedom ring.

This is my country! Land of my birth!
This is my country! Grandest on earth!
I pledge thee my allegiance, America, the bold,
For this is my country to have and to hold.
What diff'rence if I hail from North or South
Or from the East or West?
My heart is filled with love for all of these.
I only know I swell with pride and deep within my breast
I thrill to see Old Glory paint the breeze.
With hand up-on heart I thank the Lord For this my native land,
For all I love is here within her gates.
My sould is rooted deeply in the soil on which I stand,
For these are mine own United States.
This is my country! Land of my choice!
This is my country! Hear my proud voice!
I pledge thee my allegiance, America, the bold,
For this is my country! To have and to hold.

Words by Don Raye, Music by Al Jacobs


God Bless America

"While the storm clouds gather far across the sea,

Let us swear allegiance to a land that's free,
Let us all be grateful for a land so fair,
As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer. "

God Bless America,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.

From the mountains,
to the prairies,
To the oceans,
white with foam
God bless America,
My home sweet home.

Words and music by Irving Berlin©
Copyright 1938, 1939 by Irving Berlin©
Copyright Renewed 1965, 1966 by Irving Berlin©
Copyright Assigned to the Trustees of the God Bless America Fund International
Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Searching for Angels

I often wonder how people find my blog. More and more these days, people have it book marked and come by on a regular basis to read.

I also know that people find the blog by searching. Some people are searching for things to send to soldiers. Some are searching for information on deployment. I am always gratified however they get here. However, I am always saddened whenever I find that someone has found his or her way to my blog by searching the name of a soldier who has died in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Enduring Freedom. This happens quite regularly and it never fails to twist my heart to see that someone has searched the name of Tommy Byrd, Matt Bohling, Tim Watkins, Jason Benford, David Salie… And the trend has escalated since I published the names of the 2500. Just this morning, people came by the blog looking for Hugo R. Lopez, Casey Michael Laware, Frederick L. Miller, Jeremiah S. Santos, Mark Smykowski and Jason Allen Fegler.

These are not just line items on a site meter to me. I understand that these are family or friends of those we have lost in this war on terrorism. I look at every one of those searched names. I wonder every time who is looking? Who is searching? A high school or college classmate? Is it a sister or a brother? A daughter or son? A wife? A mother (some other soldier’s mom?)

I wonder about the last words the soldier and the searcher spoke… or what was left unsaid? When was the last time they saw one another? What will they remember and treasure the most? Of course, I can’t know who they are… I just know that they are searching.

I often wonder why they are searching? Are they looking for something specific? I imagine that some search their loved one’s name to safeguard the name and to be sure that no one is using the name in vain or in a manner disrespectful to them. Others may want to read everything that they can find on their loved one.

I have received emails from friends and family members of some of the Heroes. Some write to thank me for remembering. Others write to tell me of the soldier’s family or their own personal relationship with their Angel. I treasure every email. I answer every one. I have never had a family member or friend that hasn’t been grateful for the words or the mention of the name. It’s the hardest part of what I write, but also the most treasured because I believe that so long as we remember, these soldiers and marines and sailors and airmen will be loved and they will be honored.

As we come upon the day on which we celebrate the independence -- the freedom -- of this country, I pause to salute all who have served in defense of our country and I honor all of those past and present who have made the ultimate sacrifice to secure and maintain this freedom. Let freedom ring.

Copyright Some Soldier’s Mom 2006. All rights reserved.


I will still be here
As long as you hold me
In your memory
When your dreams have ended
Time can be transcended
Just remember me
I am the one star that keeps burning
So brightly
It is the last light
To fade into the rising sun
I'm with you whenever you tell
My story
For I am all I've done
I will still be here
As long as you hold me
In your memory
Remember me
I am that warm voice
in the cold wind
That whispers
And if you listen
You'll hear me call across the sky
As long as I still can reach out
And touch you
Then I will never die
I'll never leave you
If you will only
Remember me
Remember I will still be here
As long as you hold me
In your memory
When your dreams have ended
Time can be transcended
I live forever
Remember me
Remember me
Remember me

By Cynthia Weil and James Horner
From the Soundtrack of the movie, “Troy”